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outspoken effort in my behalf. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> the des moines register met with texas governor rick perry tonight. the editorial staff questioned the presidential county about campaign added and the roll of religion in politics. the newspaper plans to endorse one of the republican candidates two weeks before the iowa caucuses on january 3 inside. this is everover an hour. [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> it's a pleasure having you here, sir. >> where did you grow up? >> wisconsin. >> yeah? >> iowa. >> iowa. >> iowa. [inaudible conversations] >> great state of ohio. >> midwest. >> wisconsin. >> kansas. [inaudible] >> spent 30 years in texas -- >> the star telegram. >> covered aviation and energy. >> i tell you. kind of a little off the subject but really not. medical technology and what's happened in texas in the last decade in particular, has been just really fascinating. when you talk about our state's economy, back in the '80s, '84, right before we dropped off the cliff and went into a rather substantial an
go to texas . have texas lost to take everything to santa fe, and he will deal with the demands that says the texas republican came in to the union. i have to ask if all of you have so funds, could you please turn off. thank you. this texas came into the union the debts from the texas republican. texas is demanding that the united states government bailout texas because texas is in bankruptcy. by the way, we will do this. the first federal bailout in american history is texas. i wish that somebody would teach governor perry of texas now. as he talks about secession and running for president the same time. i want to know what country. taylor would deal with these one of the time. in the senate, however, henry clay, the grand old man of american politics has a different idea. he hates taylor. he hates taylor because he thought he should have been the weak nominee in 1848. he does not understand how this of star politician who never did anything suddenly is president rather than henry clay has earned it. and his plan is to run congress and force what he calls an omnibus bill which
and another boom to bust oil town on the texas panhandle. dropped out of high school after two years and became a painter, married, had his first two children and they all waited through the years that carried the black lizard's of dust across the great plains. this was the war not topsoil of over 100,000 square miles of ravaged farmland. in november, 1933 the dust. the midwest and came back the following year burying the entire midwest again and then as far east as albany and buffalo new york. as the dust continued to blow for the rest of the decade the sky but term black and red with tongs of dust and animals and people choke to death, toddlers wander out and suffocate. and the single worst day that any of the dust bowl could remember was april 14th, 1945 palm sunday. they call it black sunday. that is when the wind of more than 80 an hour ripped the topsoil and the clafin as far away as nebraska, it dumped on the already dying town of tampa texas and woody recalled when the dust cloud hit it looked like an ocean was chomping down on a snail and the red sea was closing in on the ch
to texas refineries and refineries throughout the midwest, it is going to go instead to china. and i just would conclude with the concept or the argument that prime minister harper made after the administration reject today's decision. he was very disappointed and he laid out the argument that they would look long range to china and to asia. and we can only hope president obama drops his opposition. i turn now to the ranking member for his opening statement. >> mr. connolly, would you like to make a statement? >> thank you, mr. chairman. and i think they're making member for his graciousness. i went to thank you for the opportunity to address energy issues is interrelated. given the prominence of the debate about the keystone accel pipeline and the payroll tax bill, like you, mr. chairman, i'm going to focus primarily on that issue. the international agency recently issued its world energy outlook, which contained one notable piece of news. u.s. dependence on foreign a particularly middle eastern oil is project it to decline in contrast to china in europe. according to the iea, the primar
can to accommodate the senator from texas and the senator from oklahoma and every other senator that didn't get their amendment voted on. the presiding officer: the senator from michigan. mr. levin: i ask unanimous consent upon passage of s. 1867 the armed services committee be discharged from further consideration of h.r. 1540 and the senate proceed to its consideration. that all after the enacting clause be stricken and text of s. 1867 as amended and passed by the senate be inserted in lieu thereof and h. 1350 be passed, a motion to reconsider, that the senate insist on its amendment and request a conference with the house on the disagreeing votes of the two houses and the chair be authorized to appoint conferees on the part of the senate with the armed services committee appointed as conferees, that no points of order considered waived and with no intervening action or debate. the presiding officer: is there objection? without objection, so ordered. mr. levin: i thank everybody and thank the chair. the presiding officer: the question is on passage of the bill as amended. is t
. thank you all very much. [applause] >> the please welcome the governor of the great state of texas, governor rick perry. [applause] >> hi guys, gals, how do you. it is an honor to be here with you tonight and i told somebody, i said just think about being in iowa in december. [laughter] you have to have the real reason to be here. and i got here in the weather was so magnificent. i called my wife and i told her honey, it's 54 degrees. that is just awesome. is like telling somebody to come to texas in august. maybe not. let me say how honored i am to be with the men and women tonight who are truly on the front lines of renewing our culture in this country and that is exactly what you do and what you are all about, and i want to extend my sincere thanks to a man that i have had the great privilege to get to know in a personal way and travel to iraq and afghanistan with him as a governor and a person who daily still makes a difference in this country, strengthening our country's core because of what is in his heart. that is governor huckabee. [applause] and to citizens united, just i
merck engage independent public policy in texas. >> i heard about that. >> where the governor mandated gardicil in the state, and then there was a lot made about his former chief of staff became a lobbyist for your company. >> first of all, the story is many years old. >> it wasn't under your watch. >> the point i'm making is it got recycled in the context of a political campaign where, among other things, we were told this drug, which prevents most cases of cervical cancer, -- actually cause retardation in girls so the level of the political discourse is low. the fact of the matter is that governor perry did sign an executive order -- texas legislature is an interesting innovation in that it meets only every other year, and maybe that's a good thing. i'm not sure. might be some texans here. but in the interim he decided that given what he had learned, not just, bill the way, from the lobbyist but from his own health people about the importance of this vaccine to save people, that he would sign an executive order. it created a huge firestorm in texas, because this cervical cancer is ca
creates in america since 2009 were created in the state of texas. >> okay. good. deborah? >> mitt romney because of the family values he represents, because of the position he remits as far as what republicans are concerned about, and he's smart and electable. >> uh-huh. ben? >> i still stand by herman cain. >> okay. >> i think he's a wonderful businessman. he's outside the box. he's not part of the beltway as ucialg. i'm not looking to elect a saint, but a leader. what happened to him, happened awhile back. i have not been paying attention currently up to right now. i don't know if he's come out and said any kind of a apologies, but the supreme court justice went through the same stuff, and he's made a wonderful justice, so, again, i'm looking for a leader. >> uh-huh. okay. good. i'm interested from you, i'm picking up from sort of where sue and toni are at. how many would say that my vote is up for grabs or i'm undecided enough that i just, you know, i don't know where i will end up? you know, you has been to be here on this early december day, but how many of you are saying i've given
texas about why it wasn't working. and his answer was in effect that it would work. and of course, the fact was if you do something for you. and then stopped completely, it is confusing. it can be seen to our people. it's confusing to the enemy and i did ask a question and try to get some response from hans asked you how the combination of off and on was going to work. the way it's going to work as more of the same. and at that point he was in a bombing pause, and he had a tough job as president and he did his best. >> in retrospect, what do you think his mistakes are in vietnam and making the decision the way it was for? >> well, i wasn't in his shoes and it's hard to say for sure, but in the last analysis come in that country was going to have to find its way itself. and the task we had was not to try to go after the north vietnamese were the vietcong alone because all they have to do was disappear. they didn't have to fight a single battle. they could just disappear in a week later show back a. they could go harvest the rice and then come back and you could have what u.s. force
the texas online. we can't prevent any individual putting our address online but if that is the justification of newspapers reprinted international press the is the justification that we have taken every reasonable precaution we can think of to protect our own privacy. >> then you point out of the third line of paragraph 43 published a picture of your daughter's. >> what i'm about to say does not apply to the whole of the british press but it is my experience with the british press a few protest or make kump thinks that you can expect some form of retribution i thought the fact in this case it was a picture of my child put into the papers of very quickly after by asked if i was spiteful actually >> to move to a different title, the evening standard in october of 2007 published photographs and information about your home including descriptions of the property, details and to their history and the location and details of security arrangements and pictures what was the complaint? >> as my witness statement says the had noted the contents of my letter and again th
by the university of texas at austin is working with carnegie mellon's open learning initiative to offer redesigned general education courses which can be completed faster, in some cases twice as fast, than traditional courses with the same or better student performance and knowledge retention over time to read the fourth strategy for increasing productivity of higher education is to introduce business efficiency to produce savings that can be used to graduate more students. much of what needs to happen here is to encourage cooperation and collaboration among the institutions to improve quality and reduce cost. since ohio began requiring annual efficiency savings, their public colleges report more than $900 million reduce cost. now in my written testimony i discuss some of the implications of the state and institutional efforts to increase productivity related to the critical issues of the financial aid, data systems and quality assurance. for now, let me say federal student aid continues to be the bedrock of support for low-income populations and must be sustained. but innovation and creativity wi
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11